Sieger's Rumor Said Fire

Dkch seu(u)ch klbch VDH-Europajugendsieger 2013






Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer - Sieger's Tribute 2 Wagtail

Ejer: Tinne Brix & knl. Sieger


Hofter: B - Øjne: Fri

Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer Barecho Fun For The Future Whisborne Angus Og
Barecho Pretty Picture
Goldmoore's Angle Reynolds Trollängens Maximum Effect
Goldmoore's Mrs Bridges
Sieger's Tribute 2 Wagtail Wongan Kadenza Azucroft On The Prowl
Wongan Amazing Grace
Sieger's Push-Up Trollängens Cross Country
Sieger's Wagtail

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