25 year anniversary


In 2011, the Sieger's kennel had 25 year anniversary. Honestly told it was actually friends and puppybyers fault that this was celebrated - we, Jessie and Kay, had not given it a thought. But the fact is that it certainly was not passed in silence. Many dogs friends attended a surprise event and made ??the day a very special memory.
Many hours of work from friends and puppybuyers culminated to a show in Hillerød in 2011, where we by the main ring was surprised with cake, champagne, flags, flowers, congratulations, great atmosphere and especially the anniversary book 'Sieger's 25 years with winners' prepared by our lovely puppybuyers and dear friends. This book provides an excellent insight into Sieger's life over the past 25 years - a fantastic tale that also contains pictures of some of the kennels greatest moments. Both nostalgia and the present are represented beautifully.

We are deeply grateful for this amazing gift that touched us deeply. We enjoy taking it out and see the kennelens history and we have therefore chosen to share it here on our website, so that everyone else can enjoy it aswell.

Below you will find the link to the book: