Puppy from Sieger

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At Sieger’s every litter is a joyous event. Though many years of breeding experience sleepless nights where one watches over mummy and puppies and make sure that the pups suck the vital breast milk still follow.

In average we have 1-2 litters per year. Having puppies is a huge task.

The puppies are born and stay the first 3 weeks of their lives in our bedroom this way they are ensured as much peace and quiet as possible. After 3 weeks they are moved to the kitchen and then further on to the puppy room – which is a room directly connected to the kitchen – where they experience what everyday will be like in their future homes. The puppy room has it’s own door out to our terrace – which in the last weeks the pups live with us is transformed into a puppy playground with different activities such as retrieving objects, balls, rubber toys and a pipe.

We spend much time with the puppies and they are motivated daily with pheasant wings and other activities and experiences from the time they are about 5 weeks old. Doing so is most important to ensure that the pups grow up to be mentally healthy individuals.

Our puppies are sold to hunters, as family pets and as show dogs. The English Springer Spaniels’ all-round characteristics mean that the Springer Spaniel is as qualified for one as the other. There are for example Springer Spaniels that work as bomb and drug dogs – primarily because of their excellent noses.

We like to have the future owner of our puppies to visit the pups several times during the first 8 weeks until they are ready to leave. In case you live far away, we offer to send photos and videos, so that you will be able to follow the puppies.

We pick the right pup for the right family – in collaboration with the pup’s future family. We know each puppy’s qualities at 8 weeks; how active it is, it’s rang in the hierarchy and it’s ability as a spontaneous retriever as well as it’s exterior potential. All these things are important as to how the puppy will turn out in the future.

When the puppies leave they have been micro-chipped, vet-checked and they've got a health book. We would like to keep contact by phone or mail to our puppy buyers. For export a passport will follow.