On this page we will continuously update with the latest news from Denmark as well as news from other countries that might be interesting and relevant to our site. If puppy buyers or friends have anything that tyou may wish to share on this site, you are welcome to send pictures, results, etc. to , than we will try to update as much as possible.

"Fru Larsen" is pregnant 10-02-2021 - 21:58

Our "Fru Larsen" Ch Sieger's All Tight Up is pregnant and is expecting er first litter in March ... Læs mere

The babies are so cute at this age 10-02-2021 - 21:35

... soon to be 6 weeks, and I truly think that this is the cutest age.  ... Læs mere

"Mathilde" is now 6 months 10-02-2021 - 19:13

Vores youngest beautiful girl "Mathilde" Sieger's A Beautiful Mind is turning 6 months today ... Læs mere

We hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas 06-01-2021 - 21:53

... and a Happy New Year! :) ... Læs mere

"Mayday" is pregnant 14-12-2020 - 18:47

Our "Mayday" is clearly in whelp and we are expecting her puppies primo January  ... Læs mere

Welcome "Milton" 24-11-2020 - 18:53

"Milton", better known as Ch Timanka's Expensive Money, has moved into our home and hearts <3 ... Læs mere

Autumn mood 11-11-2020 - 20:13

This season is so pretty! We spiced it up with "Fru Larsen" and she was beatifully captured by Mikkel Saugmann Jensen... ... Læs mere

Results from the Spaniel Club Show August 16th 21-08-2020 - 19:53

Even we could'nt be present ourselves, our amazing friends and puppy buyers did us proud and had a great (and very hot!) day ... Læs mere

"Merle" is pregnant 14-07-2020 - 19:17

"Merle" Ch Sieger's Show Me The Money Honey is pregnant and is expecting her 2nd litter to be born in August 2020 ... Læs mere

Results from the Spaniel Club Show 21st June 14-07-2020 - 19:06

First show since February was held on the 21st of June. A club show for all Spaniels where all precautions for COVID-19 ofcourse were in place ... Læs mere

We have a new Champion 24-06-2020 - 19:29

"Mikkel" won his last CC and became theirby new champion  ... Læs mere

Our youngest boy "Magnus" 20-04-2020 - 10:56

As everyone else, we are staying home (and hopefully saving lives). One of the benefits of these restrictions is that we have plenty of time for playing, training and grooming. Today "Magnus" was groomed and he had a new picture taken ... Læs mere

In these days... 07-04-2020 - 18:30

Our calendar was fully booket for the entire Spring and Summer of 2020. Holidays was planned accordingly to all the travel our plans required, shows all over Europe were entered and hotels were confirmed. However, due to the world wide situation all these plans have of course been cancelled. ... Læs mere

Show Of Winners 2020 27-03-2020 - 18:52

After many years of absent, we decided to participate in this year's Show Of Winners. We went along with our "Wednesday's show practice group", and it was such a joy. We had tons of fun. ... Læs mere

Int. Show Fredericia, DK 26-03-2020 - 18:57

We had a brilliant start of the show year 2020 ... Læs mere

Puppy plans 2020 24-03-2020 - 17:49

We have updated our puppy site with our plans for 2020  ... Læs mere

Danish Breed Winner 2019 10-11-2019 - 10:48

Again this year we had an amazing show year at the Danish Kennel Club's show. ... Læs mere

Our "Mayday" have puppies 07-11-2019 - 19:52

"Mayday" gave birth to her very first litter in medio October - 6 sweet girls and 4 handsome boys.  ... Læs mere

Danish Winner 2019, Herning 06-11-2019 - 18:32

We had such a joyful weekend @ the International shows in Herning, DK. ... Læs mere

World Winner 2018 10-09-2018 - 13:57

Our "Messi" won the World Winner title 2018 ... Læs mere

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