Kaj Bauer Madsen

Deer hunting, 2012
Deer hunting, 2012

I live together with my wife, Jessie in Birgittelyst, just a short drive from Viborg. During the summer month the dogs and I are living in Sverige, where we have a lodge surrounded by the forest.

I am qualified dog trainer and judge on field trials, retrieving tests and obedience tests. For more than 20 years I were until September 2012 the chairman of the Danish Spaniel Club.

I have the great privilege to be able to spend just about all of my time on the dogs and hunting.

During the hunting season in Denmark I hunt daily, besides that I regularly spent time in our Swedish lodge where I enjoy hunting in the Swedish forests or simply taking the dogs for a walk in our own forest.

I also do some voluntary work for Eukanuba Hunting Team, where I plan all of the hunting trips and on location my function is hunting leader.

I train all of our dogs for field work and hunting, and when we have puppies I spend much time with them – playing and motivating.