Timanka's Expensive Money





Ch. Sieger's Money Talks - Roboris Angel-Eyes


Owner: Knl. Sieger's


Hips: A
Eyes: Clear March 2021. Gonio free
PRA-Cord 1: Normal/Clear
Focusidosis: Normal/Clear

Ch. Sieger's Money Talks Ch. Linmoor Zimply Zalient Ch. Linmoor Wave For Success
Ch. Linmoor Valuable Crystal
Ch. Sieger's Suppose So Ch. Trollängen's Maximum Effect
Ch. Sieger's Extra Point
Roboris Angel-Eyes Ch. Sieger's Pure Gold Ch. Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer
Ch. Sieger's Extra Point
Ch. Trimere Touch Of Black Calvdale Black To The Future
Ch. Trimere True Sensation

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