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Amsterdam Winner 201510-01-2016 - 17:29

Last show of the year normally takes place in Sweden, however for several reasons, this year we went to Amsterdam to participate at the Amsterdam Winner Show

Young "Messi" DKJV'15 Sieger's Money Talks had another great show winning BOB from Junior class. He was awarded with Amsterdam Junior Winner and Amsterdam Winner. He was also qualified for Crufts 2016. He did well being shortlisted in the group final. Sister "Merle" DKV'15 DKJV'15 Sieger's Show Mw The Money Honey went BOS. She too was Amsterdam Winner and Amsterdam Junior Winner and also qualified for Crufts.


Our breeders group went Best In Show 3rd.


A wonderful show - we will be back in 206! :-) 

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