On this page we will continuously update with the latest news from Denmark as well as news from other countries that might be interesting and relevant to our site. If puppy buyers or friends have anything that tyou may wish to share on this site, you are welcome to send pictures, results, etc. to , than we will try to update as much as possible.

Christmas Club Show 11-12-2014 - 14:04

Last club show of the year - our cosy Christmas show, was a great success for us... Læs mere

Danish Winner 2014 11-12-2014 - 13:55

Show results from the last International show in Denmark anno 2014... Læs mere

Euro Dog Show 2014 30-10-2014 - 16:44

Wonderful days we had in Brno. Please take your time to read the written below, sorry for the "long talk" but so many things and feelings I would like to share :)... Læs mere

Club show 12th November 2014 14-10-2014 - 08:48

We had a lovely day in Aars, showing at the club show under judge Annette Bystrup, DK... Læs mere

Babies are born <3 30-09-2014 - 11:08

We welcome seven sweethearts born by "Sharon", 4 girls and 3 boys ... Læs mere

1 year old boy is looking for a new loving home 30-09-2014 - 10:31

Our young "Aston" is looking for a new loving forever home... Læs mere

Copenhagen Winner 2014 30-09-2014 - 09:30

A lovely day for our girl "Ellie" Sieger's Break Point at the Copenhagen Winner show  ... Læs mere

News on puppy pages 18-09-2014 - 15:38

We welcome you to have a look at our puppy pages, current and planned, which are udpated with latest news.... Læs mere

Darling "Dylan" 18-09-2014 - 15:20

Another great win for "Dylan" Sieger's Double Trouble as he won CAC, CACIB and BOS at CACIB show in Bialystok, Poland.... Læs mere

New International Champion 18-09-2014 - 15:06

"Lasse" Ch. Sieger's Down The Line is new International Champion! We are very happy with all your work Patricia! Thank you :)... Læs mere

Gold Cup 2014 18-09-2014 - 14:34

Another Gold Cup is well over, which means an otheryear has gone by.. Wonder where time goes? Well anyway, we spend a few days together with some of our best friends, two- and four legged, and had a blast! ... Læs mere

"Lasse" was best on 1000m/20 hours tracking test 31-08-2014 - 12:23

Ch. Sieger's Seceret Service "Lasse" did great at the tracking test in Randbøll... Læs mere

All puppies have now moved to their new families 31-08-2014 - 12:15

The babies have now all moved to their new forever homes. We are so happy and pleased with all their new families. ... Læs mere

World Show in Helsinki 31-08-2014 - 11:51

This year we spend a week of vacation in Finland to attend the World Show... Læs mere

New pictures of our sweethearts 14-08-2014 - 15:38

Please enjoy some new pictures of our babies. They are growing so fast - where did time go? :)... Læs mere

Puppies 4 weeks 21-07-2014 - 09:47

Our little ones turned 4 weeks a few days back. This weekend they met the 'world outside the door' for the first time... Læs mere

New pictures of the puppies 14-07-2014 - 09:32

The puppies are now 3,5 weeks and they grow by every hour :)... Læs mere

Babies are born! <3 07-07-2014 - 09:41

On June 19th our beloved "Keyla" gave birth to 13 wonderful babies - all are doing well... Læs mere

CAC show Sabro, 2 shows/1 day 07-07-2014 - 09:15

Love this 2 shows on 1 day concept! You might aswell show your dogs under two judges when you are at the showground and have prepared your dogs... Læs mere

Dressage test 07-07-2014 - 09:05

"Frida" participated in an evening of dressage tests held by the Spaniel Club... Læs mere

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