DKCH(U) SE(U)CH NOCH(U) NORDCH(U) Amsterdam Winner 2013

Sieger's Look Who's Talking



Lordsett White Track Back To Linmoor - Sieger's Extra Point

Owners: Knl. Sieger & Rikke Thomsen, Alan Andersen 

Hips: A

Eyes: PRA Cord 1 clear by parents
Eyes clear by Marts 2014

Lordsett White Track Back To Linmoor Mompesson Cavendish Mompesson Royal Destiny
Mompesson Secret Whisper
Linmoor Back On Track Goldmoor's Gold Dreamer
Linmoor Valuable Crystal
Sieger's Extra Point Spring Creek's Jolly Jumper Sieger's Good Vibration
Spring Creek's I'm A Beliver
Sieger's Freaky Friday Adamant's Export Quality
Whisborne Angus Og

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