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Springer of the Year 2016 (Spaniel Club)05-12-2016 - 14:36

Once again our breeding have had great success showing at the club shows. Congratulations to all friends and puppy buyers. You all have had a fantastic year and we are very proud of you all. All your efforts means the world to us <3  

Springer of the year 2016 at the Spaniel Club rating:


#1 Ch. Sieger's Pure Gold 62 points

#2 Ch. Sieger's Just Like Django 57 points

#3. Ch. Sieger's Freak Like Me 45 points

#4. Ch. Sieger's Show Me The Money Honey 38 points


Junior of the year 2016:


Sieger's Walk On Fame 23 points

Sieger's Walk This Way 17 points

Sieger's Moon Walker17 points


* * *


Well done everyone - it takes hard work and lots of dedication to achieve these results! :)


We are extremely happy and proud breeders!

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