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In these days...07-04-2020 - 18:30

Our calendar was fully booket for the entire Spring and Summer of 2020. Holidays was planned accordingly to all the travel our plans required, shows all over Europe were entered and hotels were confirmed. However, due to the world wide situation all these plans have of course been cancelled.

We are left with lots of weekends of no plans, which is why we dicided to start training the dogs for blood tracking, which we did a couple of years back. We really enjoy it, and more imporantly - so does the dogs. It's of great value to be able to meet outside in the woods, being togteher at a distance, of course following the rules and recommendations. 


"Mikkel" and "Fru Larsen" are practising their skills on 400 m blood track, and the more experienced guys "Elmer" and "Messi" are getting the hang of longer distance and longer lay overs. 


Fortunately, we can also look forward to welcome a new litter of puppies just after Easter <3


Stay safe and healthy everyone, and keep your distance!


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