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Dinnershow03-02-2015 - 10:31

As always, the Dinnershow was great. Two joyful days in the company of other lovely dog enthusiasts


SPK Dinnershow 24th. Judge Christina Daniels (S)

BOB, CAC, BIS junior, BIS 2 Sieger's A Brand New Year
2nd bb CH. Diamond Ring Wintertime Love 
3rd bb Sieger's A New Years Prayer
4th bb Ch. Lordsett White Angel

BOS Ch. Sieger's Pure Gold 
2nd bm CAC Sieger's We Said So 
3rd bm Cardhu Ain't Got You 
4th bm Ch. Noer's Poncho

BOB BIS baby Sieger's Money Talks "Messi"
BOB BIS 2 puppy Sieger's Freak Like Me "Lotte"

* * * 
SPK CAC show 25th. Judge Karin G. Beyersdorf (D)

BOB, CAC, BIS 2 Cardhu Ain't Got You 
2nd bm Ch. Sieger's Pure Gold 
No more CQ

BOS Ch. Diamond Ring Moon Light
2nd bb Ch. Lordsett White Angel 
3rd bb CAC Sieger's A Lot Like Trouble
4th bb BIS junior Sieger's A New Years Prayer

BOB BIS 2 baby Sieger's Show Me The Money Honey "Merle"
BOB BIS 2 puppy Sieger's Freak Like Me "Lotte"

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