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Old news, however we want to welcome "Dixon"12-06-2014 - 15:28

"Dixon", also known as Cardhu Ain't Got You, arrived to us from Australia from knl. Cardhu, Jan Waite

He has soon been with us for two weeks, and the young boy as really found himself comfortably. He seems to enjoy Denmark (which is showing it self off from the best side, currently with 20-25 degrees). It took around 2 minuts to become best friends with "Aston" who is same age - both 9 month. These two boys really know how to throw a party day- and night. They sure are having a blast together :) It's lovely to watch them play.

What do you say when a 'thank you' not is near enough? We don't know, but we are truly grateful that his breeder Jan Waite gave us this opportunity. He sure has been long time coming as he was wanted before he was even born. Thank you Jan for investing so much of your time with the boys from this litter, waiting for us to make the pick, we can only imagine the hard work having these boys around for so many month. 

A new updated picture of "Dixon" is soon on it's way. Please visit his own page were you will find more pictures and his visual pedigree. 

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